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So You Think We're A Match?

Our students have diverse interests and goals, but share the desire to be challenged academically. We have students in almost every major and who participate in nearly all of our campus organizations. Whether you're interested in biology and Greek Life or mathematics and sailing, you will find students like you in the Honors College community.

The work that you put into being a student in the Honors College does not go unrewarded. Honors College students receive a variety of benefits including:

  • A place within an active learning community of diverse, highly motivated students and faculty
  • Honors Academic Advising, including priority registration
  • Small classes (average of 17 students) taught by professors specially selected to teach Honors students
  • Unique scholarly opportunities like the Honors Program in Business, the DC Semester Program, and more 
  • Close relationships with Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities & Nationally Competitive Awards
  • Numerous, Honors-specific social and community engagement opportunities
  • A “home” on campus, including 2 Honors residence halls, a historic house, and the Honors Center
  • Life within the social and cultural climates of historic Charleston, SC
  • The prestigious designation of “Honors College Graduate” on the official transcript and at Commencement
  • High levels of acceptance into the nation's leading graduate and professional school

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Academic Profile Information

The following criteria represent the profile for high school seniors who are accepted into the Honors College

SAT Mid-Range (out of 1600): 1300-1400
ACT Mid-Range: 29-31

Average Un-weighted GPA: 3.83
Average Weighted GPA: 4.65

Other Criteria:
Generally, if students believe they are a good fit for the Honors College, they should apply. Test data and GPA sometimes do not accurately represent characteristics (hard work, inquisitiveness, passion) that our Honors Admissions Committee finds valuable. Students have taken Honors, AP, or IB courses and are active in extracurricular and leadership activities. They exhibit strong writing skills, strong math skills and submit stellar letters of recommendation from teachers.

The following criteria represent the profile for current college students (transfer or currently enrolled at CofC) who are accepted into the Honors College:

Average College GPA: 3.70

Other Criteria
Transfer applicants are eligible to apply after one or two semesters of college. The Honors College considers the difficulty of college level courses, college level GPA, strength of college level writing, and the persuasiveness of letters of recommendation from professors- standardized test scores and high school transcript information may be considered as part of the Honors College admissions decision for transfer students.

The Application Process