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Spotlight on Current Students

What did you do this summer?

"This summer, I took Organic Chemistry II at Temple University in their Summer 1 session. Immediately thereafter, I began serious preparation for the MCAT, which I will be taking in early August. While this summer has certainly been a lot of academic work on a daily basis, it is for my own benefit in many ways. Taking Organic II this summer was probably the more challenging academic experience of my life due to the long hours, compressed information, and frequent evaluations. But, I am happy to say that I rose to the challenge and received the highest grade in my class. I discovered that motivation must come from within to be entirely meaningful. In terms of MCAT prep, the same is equally true; yes it is consuming, but unquestionably worth it."         -Zachary E. Waldman, Class of 2015

"I was a part of the UGA en La Habana program in Havana, Cuba. There, I spent a month in an intensive Spanish-based study abroad program. We earned 6 credits of Spanish through 4 hours of class a day about Cuban culture and literature, and we had subsequent cultural activities every day. On the weekends, we travelled to other parts of Cuba and engaged in other extracurricular activities. Learning a new language will certainly be a marketable tool for my professional development. Learning about a culture that is more isolated from ours than almost any in the Western Hemisphere is another entirely invaluable intellectual opportunity. Being in Cuba this summer has allowed me to grow in both these respects simultaneously." -Zach Sturman, Class of 2017

"I first completed a College of Charleston faculty-led study abroad to Panama for biology and am now completing an independent study at the Center for Environmental Biotechnology at the University of Tennessee while taking a Chemistry II course. My microbiology research at UT has exposed me to a lot of new lab techniques, and by summer's end I will have taken 11 credit-hours towards my degree." -Sarah Kate Shore, Class of 2017

"I am an intern for Fitch Ratings, a Nationally Recognized Statistical Ratings Organization (NRSRO) in NYC. I work with their Product Sales team to bring the ratings, research and additional products to our clients. Fitch provides ratings and research on corporate finance, financial institutions, global infrastructure, project finance, insurance, public finance, structured finance, sovereigns, supranationals, and credit markets. The opportunity to be in NYC with an internationally powerful financial firm is critical to my professional development and will be key in my job search during this coming year." -Olivia Coco, Class of 2015

"I have been on a poetry tour, performed in venues across the Southeast. I have also competed in several poetry slams including Southern Fried, the second largest slam in the nation. My first novel, "Heathens and Liars of Lipskillet County," has been picked up by PRA Publishing with a release date of Fall 2015 so I have been working on editing. At the same time, I have been writing a second novel set in CharlestonI've received a bit of media attention concerning the book and have also significantly grown my fan base for my spoken word performances and look forward to performing more often and at larger venues in the future." -Derek Berry, Class of 2016

Get To Know Our Current Students


Dylan Mazelis ‘15
Washington, New Jersey
Major: Psychology

"I was initially attracted to the Honors College of Charleston when I came to tour the school. I quickly caught on to the intense focus on interdisciplinary education and hands-on involvement through research and internships. What truly pulled me in is the amazing sense of community that the Honors College has been able to establish, maintain, and balance with the attention on individual students. While everyone has a personal path they've carved out for themselves, we are all tied together for networking and social support, be it through overlapping core classes, life in the Honors Residence Halls, or programming and events hosted by the Honors Student Association. I work as a Desk Assistant in Rivers Residence Hall-this opportunity has given me the opportunity to connect with even more Honors students while upholding the tight-knit atmosphere of growth and support that the Honors College is known for. Finally, the Honors College has connected me with the resources  that helped me to obtain leadership positions on campus, including Fun Fridays Chair of the Cougar Activities Board, Secretary of Psychology Club, and Founding Father of Beta Theta Pi. I am immensely grateful for all of the opportunities I have been given because of the Honors College, and I am so excited for what is yet to come." 


Elizabeth Kelley ‘15
Daniel Island, SC
Major: Exercise Science

“The Honors College has been an integral part of my experience here at the College of Charleston. The academics, especially Beyond George Street, have been very helpful in establishing a foundation for my future goals and post-graduation plans. Through BGS I learned how to become a successful and assertive student in planning, communicating with professors, and establishing a network for myself. This has provided me with the confidence to go out and establish myself within my major department and take advantage of all of the opportunities provided to me. One of the best parts of the Honors College is our involvement in a wide array of philanthropic events; some of my favorites including volunteering at the Gibbon sanctuary in Summerville and at Pet Helpers on James Island. I always knew that being a part of the Honors College would provide me with a fulfilling and rich college experience. Thanks to the Honors curriculum and faculty, I have complete confidence that the Honors program will thoroughly prepare me for my future to be successful outside of the classroom and within my community.”


Joseph Quisol ‘16
Charlotte, NC
Majors: International Studies & Political Science

“I chose the Honors College at the College of Charleston because I felt included in the community even before stepping on campus. It meant a lot to me that Dr. John Newell, the Dean of the Honors College, came all the way to my high school in Charlotte to talk to me about the College of Charleston. Since I’ve been here I haven’t once doubted my decision. My classes are small enough for me to really engage with my professors, who all know me by name. I have built relationships with many of the faculty members and as a student of the inaugural class of International Scholar Fellows I have received specialized academic support as well as access to study abroad and internship opportunities. I’m very excited to travel to Cuba with International Scholar Fellows this Maymester!”